The Dangers of Alcohol Seizures

Contents: Make sure to talk with your doctor to determine whether any of your current medications interact with alcohol. Alcohol and epileptic seizures: a case control study A case-control study on alcohol and seizures: study design, protocol, and data collection Don’t abuse alcohol. This article is designed to guide those wondering about alcohol and epilepsy, […]

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Content Driving habits Typically, here are the people who have cases: How Alcohol Affects The Driver Get help for alcoholism today. The FARS data also provide information on the characteristics of drivers involved in alcohol-related fatal crashes—their age, gender, previous convictions and license suspensions, BAC, and safety belt use. To reduce alcohol-related fatal crashes among […]

Binge Drinking for Teens

Content Family Nurse Practitioner Personal tools Long-Term Effects Physical Health Effects of Binge Drinking Find healthier ways to manage social anxiety Risk Factors for Binge Drinking Since you have to take the vitamin before, during, and after drinking, it requires a lot of effort. People aren’t likely to stick to the schedule on this during […]