Since this is more complex than audio transcription, the pay is also higher. And Felicia, the administrator who left a six-figure job because of her company’s back-to-office push, said flexibility makes up for lower pay. Jay, an elder millennial, took a $35,000 pay cut and step down in seniority to live and work where he wanted to.

Just identity your strengths and interests and you’ll find remote jobs that align perfectly your their skill set. If you grind hard enough to find the perfect job, you’ll easily strike a balance between work and studies. Students with a flair for storytelling and a deep understanding of various content formats can excel in this role. Content marketing is a powerful tool for businesses, making this a valuable remote job opportunity.

👇 The Best Remote Jobs For College Students👇

By thinking outside the box when it comes to employment, you could find a role that lets you set your own schedule and work from wherever’s most convenient. And if you have skills in writing, editing, or web design, this part-time work could look good on a resume after graduation. If an ad is promising big sums of money, it’s probably fake — or worse, an attempt to steal your identity. Make sure you’re confident that a role is legitimate before sharing any personal information.

remote work for college students

College students with organizational abilities and leadership skills can easily excel as virtual project managers. There are big websites as well that require research data for their blog posts. Almost everyone in their youth will have a great understanding of social media. If you do have a knack for social media, you can turn this into a remote job. So while you may not face as much competition as you would for the other jobs in this list, you’ll need a pretty good grasp and extensive portfolio to show if you want to win a job. You might even fall in love with remote work and decide to pursue a career you can do from anywhere.

Freelance Writing and Editing

Here are eight part-time jobs for college students with flexible hours that you can do from home. None require a college degree, so they’re open to anyone who would be a good fit. The best online job for a college student is the job that best fits their interests, skills and schedule. For flexible hours and reliable pay, you might look into listings for online audio transcribers, video captioners, tutors and note-takers. Between coursework, extracurriculars and social activities, college students are busy. An online job can provide excellent flexibility to work around an already jam-packed schedule.

remote work for college students

In particular, unmet need, or the amount of need not covered by financial aid, remains high at community colleges, particularly for low-income students. Zoom’s record feature allows teams to record meetings or training sessions so others can view them later. This tool is especially useful for international students, parents, and employees in different time zones. Before the public health crisis, about 5% of full-time employees with office jobs worked primarily from home. Now, well into the pandemic, over half of U.S. workers are working from home, either part or all of the time.

Social Media Intern (Fully Remote)

Discussions over whether transgender women, those who were assigned male at birth, should be allowed to participate in women’s sports have become a lightning rod for conservative criticism. It has also been a highly debated and polarizing state and federal policy issue. “The payoff is the driving and the traffic and the stress of being on the road five days per week versus being able to do the very same work and more from the convenience of the hybrid option,” she said. Familiarity with HR tools and software can enhance your qualifications for this job.

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